Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tuition Flyers

Such flyers are common in HDB estate. The most common types are Real Estate, Tuition, Babysit, and recently Lost Dogs.

This tuition flyer really caught my attention!

"Home Tution" and "10 yrs full time tutor for ..." - look at these sentences. I wonder who needs tuition?

The other issue is I don't like these flyers to be pasted at public property. The glue they used is not easy to remove and usually when the cleaners tear it off, it will still leave some 'marks'.

Personally I feel, if they paste it for one day (using scotch tape) and remove it themselves - it's fine. But most of them just simply paste their flyers all over the void deck and leave them there forever. The RC and the Town Council should work hand in hand to contact them via their contact number on their flyers, to ask them to remove it personally immediately. That's what the Pasir Ris RC members did many years back - kudos!


James Chia said...

The tutor can't spell the word tuition correctly!

stomponli said...

You are right James!But that's part of it only.

boss said...

... and this tutor teaches English!